Loose volcanic lava stone mosaic pieces are a modern reworking of a form of decoration popular since antiquity, allowing the creation of personalized decorative solutions with absolute freedom of application.


Mosaic has now become a consolidated element and a reference point in the production of Casa Più.   The mosaic collection it’s now  updated and sophisticated image, very attentive to new ways of “living” environments, confirming and expanding the inspirational principles of all previous collections.


Small pieces of lava stone shaping the space for design solutions with high visual impact.

Textures that are becoming more and more precious, colors mixtures characterized by new enamels and rich textures, constant research into transparency and colors  depth: these are the outstanding elements of this new collection.


The mosaic lava stone is a versatile and eclectic product.
For the characteristics of the lava material adapts perfectly to outdoor projects and urban design.


The mosaic is available in 64 colors mat and glossy  and two sizes.

Mosaic it’s  sold by weight in bags contains 0.10 sqm of material or mesh mounted.


With a small edging for embellishment, to the large wall or floor “fresco”, the mosaic is supplied finished, glued to the net to be simply applied and plastered.


The colors mixtures can be personalized completely with an indication, in percentage terms, of the reference codes of color charts.