Because  lava stone confronted with  a traditional ceramic product is a living and not inert material. During the cooking in ovens modified and adapted through lengthy experimentation , gases and metals contained in stone exhale in combination with a clever use of glazes and oxides give life to the magic of color. The chemical reaction of these elements gives rise to surfaces with unparalleled color depth.


Casa Più glazed lava is produced from special volcanic stone , carefully selected with the experience derived from an almost unique processing procedure .

Selected quarries are the first step of the production process.

The special characteristics of the lava stone, its hardness and its connection with the surrounding area, its resistance to high and low temperatures.

The quarries are where the productive process begins.

Large blocks are extracted from the face of the quarry using mechanical equipment; the materials subsequently undergo an initial selection and arrive at the laboratory to be transformed according to the different thickness required.


All processes are carried out by hand , making glazed lava stone a crafted product, offering all the creative value that carries the highest values of Made in Italy .


Casa Più  uses top quality pigments , also selected on the basis of years of research, which it achieves the best surface colors and shine.